Since the arrival of the post-industrial era, nothing is the same, nothing is what I imagined. The families with ten children providing the labour no longer exist. On the other hand, the farm implements and the remains are everywhere. Barns or sheds fall to shreds. The herds of fifteen cows milked by hand, in a cloud of houseflies, have increased to fifty, one hundred, even two hundred and fifty cows milked by robots... Economic injunctions are on the rise. Treasury records describing liabilities and assets dictate the code of conduct, as banks require performance.
I do not examine our way of doing things in order to subject it to interpretation. It’s more a way of looking at where farms reside on the land. These farms, invincibly far away gently gravitate in a feedback loop that either makes them grow canonically or makes them disappear.
All these lands in cereal cultivation, never at rest, show an evolution in harmony with the way we interact with them. I’m looking at what’s at our disposal. First of all, there is topography, geography, the arrangement with crossroads, electrical or railway infrastructures, cows in stanchion or, sometimes, free cows, milking robots, drain burial work, infinite sowing, monocultures that yield crops in thousands of tons. Then there is the agricultural territory confines the farms within its borders. Finally, there are changing businesses.
A dynamic has developed and maintains interconnected relationships with the environment, women, men and animals, the government with its various policies, consumers, the demographic curve, mechanization, supply management, the capitalist vision of a farm, the specialization, the production quotas the governance of agricultural markets and small, large producers and the young and beginning Farmers’ Issue
The imprints on the retina of our understanding of the world appear. We serve this territory because of the ties we have forged with the past and with our communities, because of what we extract from it.

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