Frame freeze

It’s hard to resist photographing the contrasting colours that surround me, as I live in the Gaspé Peninsula. Wild, bordered by the sea, flooded with sunsets, covered with flowering forests and as beautiful as the desire, it is, in essence, only colors. The attention shows them, they hide behind a perceptible veil. In this context, I allowed myself the freedom to look at it with interest, to take a few steps forward or backward, to slip behind and in front of the buildings, to walk a few steps sideways.
It was by looking at these colourful display cases that I realized that one could see both inside and outside, because of the objects reflected by the glass surface. Sometimes, due to an optical physics phenomenon, glass allows the duplication of reflection or, again, projects a kaleidoscope, creating an offbeat ghost image. A latent memory awaits.
Then one day I noticed myself, literally and figuratively. Childish memories, in the etymological sense, gradually appear. I can see these little super 8 movies that Dad used to record on different occasions. On the evenings that came, during the projections, in the darkness of the attic, it sometimes happened that the film accidentally jammed in the projector that was trying to make it move forward. This created a hopping on a still image that made him feel like he was moving.
So, I saw these little films of my childhood in front of these windows. The bezel of my camera captures an elusive image, in motion, in layers superimposed on top of each other. The image is lost in another, then again in another and in time. Memory reveals it.

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autoportrait (d'après l'oeuvre ''Fleurs de mer'' (2016) de Gil Pître)
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