The shores of the world

This photographic series describes a rural plot biting the shoreline of Baie des Chaleurs and stamped with the hot iron of human signature. It will appear contradictory to those who have an idealized, melancholic and pastoral vision of the countryside. The photographic reading I propose differs from it and blurs the usual perception.

However, we can observe the creeping effects of development on the territory, leading to changes. Sometimes reborn plants show clumsy and obstinate life as a sign of hope, despite repeated attacks of new changes in the world’s shoreline theatre.

These photographs have practically no landmarks. They observe terrestrial fragments as I go and come to little-known places, neglected by the eye, forgotten by the politician. Like me, they travel every time the authorities want to transform it for the development of a commercial sector, a route of new road links, a public park, an industrial zone, etc.

The paths traced by the passage of time under the weight of footsteps and wheels, the motorcycle ride of children at the pace of an explorer and conqueror, it is in these margins of a village in expansion or contraction that the way it shapes its inhabitants emerges, forms frames that link it to men. They develop their attachment to the village as they struggle with the waves of time that break through and influence the perception of the place.

Children, men and women place themselves in a causal relationship that is difficult to understand since behind each decision there are antecedents.

This territory must be called New Richmond.

NR-5 734 243
NR-5 017 062
NR-5 788 367
NR-5 321 384
NR-5 321 512
NR-5 017 099
NR-5 320 688
NR-5 016 636
NR-5 320 475
NR-5 320 640
NR-5 015 779
NR-5 516 539
NR-5 016 408
NR-5 321 512
NR-6 159 885
NR-5 320 895
NR-5 320 852
NR-5 016 220
NR-5 016 996
NR-5 017 089
NR-5 320 501

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The shores of the world