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Afternoon at the beach

Afternoon at the beach

This series exposes a small portion of a vast coastal area in eastern Canada. Little inhabited, it borders the Baie des Chaleurs to the north. A member of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club, the Baie des Chaleurs is the subject of a report on the ten most beautiful bays in the world in the Michelin/travel guide . In 2009, the National Geographic magazine ranked the Baie des Chaleurs as the third most beautiful bay in the world.

If there is one place in the world where everyone can relax completely, forgetting about routine, news echoes and obligations, making the emptiness, it is the beach. Everyone is installed under the breeze, wrapped by the breeze, exposed, leaning against each other, their life, slow, flowing smoothly. In this calm, it is allowed to let oneself go to the dream and to test one’s own positions.

They feel the calmness, they hear it, as if it were possible to listen deeply to the waves breaking over the pebbles. Everyone is bathed in moments of quiet happiness on the infinite, behind which lies a simpler, affordable and caring life.

This is the good life, a life without a sound to take its pulse, and ours, which is larger, exists only thanks to a myriad of synchronicities that bring us to this particular place ; in exchange for such a gift, the only sensible decision is to shine ourselves to illuminate the future.

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