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Artist statement

In my photographic approaches, there are these evolving landscapes sliding on the windows generated by the viewfinder of my camera. I prefer to separate out the agricultural landscapes or rural environments, leaning on forests, paths, or built heritage, where many humans draw lines and design land at will. The rural region of western Lac-Saint-Jean provided me with the living space of the first two decades of my life. Its territory, wrinkled by rivers, punctured by lakes, dotted with countless artifacts and occupied by an infinite variety of agricultural and forestry activities, set my vision on fire. The great wind, playful and charming, in the leaves on the ground, as if to breathe life into them, made me a meditative observer.

Photography claims its presence with good reasons, among others because I have in mind images of memories, a material made accessible by the unconscious. In Gaspésie, I can revisit the landscapes that are familiar to me, in and around the villages and on the outskirts, as I did in my youth. My camera frames and photographs the little stories that flow in my mind. Looking back over the years, I realize that this comings and goings take place in a systemic perspective where everything is interrelated : the human being, the actions, the way of life, the living environment, the landscapes and, of course, myself.

Interested in the unlimited space that the villagers seem to need to live, which is reflected in my photographs, my first concern is the poetic beauty to which nothing can resist.

Like the pen and the blank page, writing with light is not about making reality appear as it appears, it is about embellishing it, understanding it and expressing what it tells.