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Artist statement

There is a difficulty often encountered in photography that places the multidisciplinary photographic artist Albert Picard in front of a choice between the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of photographic works. Creating images that go beyond their mechanical side, abstract or banal, summarizes his approach. With the help of techniques borrowed from sculpture, for example, Albert avoids the creation of works that resemble objects that they are not, in order to infuse photography with a dialectic of identity and non-identity of the represented object.

He conceives of photography as a medium that fixes all kinds of ideas, recording the impressions that emerge. The result is a photo that welcomes the photographer’s daily life. This embrace gives way to ordinary things and encompasses the imagination linked to experience. Sometimes it constitutes assemblies using recovery elements found everywhere. His approach opens up and moves him away from photography, in the purist orthodox sense of the term. Objects from the real world are not altered in their tangibility, they remain active and impose their own meaning. The artist disrupts the boundaries between photography, sculpture, collage and everyday objects. He is looking for a space of possibilities that allows him to meet other ways of connecting to the realities of the world.