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Artist statement

Albert Picard (born in 1955) lived the first thirty-six months of his life in an orphanage, waiting to be adopted. His foster family, coming from Normandin, he spent his entire childhood and adolescence there. His practice and his artistic creation takes roots at this time and takes hold of the territory that he lives or rather, the territory takes hold of him, to form a single entity.

In trying to understand and live with his inner world, distinctive and altered, he found that expression through art is the best way to externalize what he feels. He finds his motivation in a kind of exploratory quest of the feelings that inhabit him.

His photographic work is associated with poetry, as he seeks to create images that are not seen on the territory. What he manipulates are images, not the territory or the subject or the real itself. It is images that he has in mind. His relationship to photographs or any other form of representation, poetry for example, makes him lose access to reality. But what is in his mind is found in his body. It follows that these images have a real existence.

From this way of looking at his research, he can develop a technique of analysis of what we, human beings, are, of what separates us or does not separate us from the territory.

His photographs live in fiction and reality, not far from our world.