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Artist statement

In his photographic practice, Albert Picard seeks the sensitivity of his vision and understanding of the world, of his world, where there are evolving landscapes that slide on the windows generated by the viewfinder from his critical position. The western Lac-Saint-Jean region provided it with the living space of the first two decades of its existence. The territory, folded by rivers, punctuated by lakes, dotted with artifacts and occupied by an infinite variety of agricultural, industrial and silvicultural activities, set his vision ablaze. The strong wind, playful and enchanting, in the leaves on the ground, as if to breathe life into them, made him a meditative observer whom he tried never to lose sight of.

Photography rightly claims its presence, among other things because he has images and memories in mind, a material made accessible by the unconscious. His camera frames and photographs the little stories that scroll through his mind.

Intrigued by the fact that his father took many photos and filmed scenes of the family’s daily life during historical or trivial events, he was gradually attracted to photography as a sporadic leisure activity as a teenager. It was only much later that he approached photography to take an interest in photographic representation as a way of seeing the world of his time, as other forms of artistic expression can do.

Digital photography allows him to create new pictorial spaces for aesthetic, emotional and conceptual exploration. He uses it as an art to communicate beyond language - to open up to the observer a space of possibilities that allows him to encounter other ways of connecting to the realities of the world.