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Artist statement

There is a difficulty often encountered in photography that places the photographic artist that I am before an opposition between the awareness of the object and the wonder provoked by its photographic representation.

I am a photographic artist because it is the images that interest me. The inspiration comes from their familiarity, spontaneity and the fortuitous juxtapositions they provoke in my mind. The Gaspesian territory that I visit does not impose words on me, it feeds me with images. It is in the following that the words are gardened. This is the essence of my existence as an artist. I dig, with patience, sometimes with compassion, or simply by taking the time to meditate. This allows complexity to be seen in simple images, and allows a story to emerge where not everything is what it seems. There is inevitably more. My images, quasi-documentary, i.e. stripped of some of their realistic aspect, become introspective.

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Concerned about the fate of the environment, I have been probing the territory where I live, the Gaspé, since 2012. It is the place of inspiration for all my production. I pose an artistic look not without concern about our humanity that invests and shapes the territories.