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Attention ! Hunter on the lookout

This work of art was presented in the summer of 2019, for the collective exhibition of the members of the Centre d’artistes Vaste et Vague

In photography, there is one major difficulty to get around, and that is its propensity to situate itself on the surface of things, illustrating their banal and mechanical aspect. But with the help of techniques borrowed from mediums such as sculpture and collage, it is possible to infuse photography with a dialectic of the identity and non-identity of the things represented.

Here, in this work, there is a first photograph, that of a dish of little quality, a pizza, served in snack bars. A second photograph is superimposed on the first and shows a glass surface struck by a projectile of some kind, offering a quilted pattern, as if there had been an intention. Both inserted in an assembly/glueing of cardboard boxes, the work of art, dressed in its DADA clothing, in the classical sense of its meaning, a challenge to the value of art in society, takes on its expressive force.

Thus composed, it emerges from ATTENTION ! HUNTER ON THE LOOKOUT a new thing inscribed in the process of its creation, something better, more balanced. In the end, the work, in its contesting gesture, breaks the impression left on the retina of the eye, which gives the necessary space for another interpretation of the represented thing.

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