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Originally from Lac-Saint-Jean, Albert Picard was born in 1955. He was fed, pampered, raised, and biked on the bumpy paths of the great flowerbeds of an enveloping nature of the territories, serving as a mirror reflecting the imagination of the men and women who clung to it.

He was able to observe that beauty and soothing are always present in nature. All his interests are there. It was at this time that the part of humanity he inherited at birth became intertwined with nature.

Albert Picard holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in linguistics and a master’s degree in library and information science. He lives and creates in New Richmond, in the Gaspé Peninsula. He is a self-taught visual artist who uses the mediums of photography and sculpture.

He witnessed four major revolutionary innovations that transformed my life : color television, digital cameras, personal computers, and the Internet.

Ses influences émergent de ses rencontres dans les livres d’art, les films, sur les murs des galeries d’art ou les centres d’artistes qui organisent des évènement comme la Biennale In Situ du Centre d’artistes Vaste et Vague, ou PHOS du Centre d’artiste Espaces F de Matane. Il y voit des images de plusieurs artistes qui ont de l’influence sur lui : Michel Brault, Claudie Gagnon, Isabelle Hayeur,
Richard Serra, Pablo Picasso, Jeff Wall, Wartin Pantois, Yimou Zhang.

Like these artists of the image, the awakened emotion, not pure, but associated with a conscious, social, political humanity, serves as a guide in his performances.