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Originally from Lac-Saint-Jean, fed, pampered, raised, and self-propelled by bicycle on the bumpy paths of the great mixed forest parklands and across the great plains of fertile farmland bounded by boards, lots, gullies, fences, tree hedges, these territories reflect the imagination of the men and women who have developed them. Above all, I owe everything to my lovely parents who gave me the chance to discover the world, my world. Dad was an electronics technician and, in addition to owning his own cable television network, traded and repaired electronic devices of the time, mainly radios and televisions. As for Mom, she was responsible for the proper functioning of the business.

At a younger age, as a teenager, I learned about silver photography with the purchase of my first Mamiya MSX 1000 SLR camera. My father, around the same age, had built his small photography studio and darkroom. As far as I can remember, around the 11 nans, he was always, during solemn or historical events related to our family, in possession of his Polaroid Land Camera model J66, or his super 8 Kodak camera. I didn’t use the cameras that fell into my hands much for these functions. I rather liked to photograph what was in my path : my friends, farm animals and fishing trips. Then in my late teens, I slowed down my photographic activities a lot to go study outside my region.

During this period, I witnessed four major revolutionary innovations that transformed my life : color television, digital cameras, personal computers, and the Internet.

Then one day I returned to photography, without ever having studied in the field of visual arts, even though I have been interested in it all my life. I am a self-taught person who has converted to digital, to be in the era of time, in the spirit of my time. I like beauty, according to my criteria of appreciation. I believe strongly in the influence of my encounters in photo books, in films or on the walls of art galleries. When I look through the viewfinder of my camera, images appear to me and, at the same time, others come to mind : Michel Brault, Isabelle Hayeur, Jean-Pierre Saint-Louis, François Jacob, Todd Hido, Edward Burtynsky... Like these image artists, the awakened emotion, not pure, but associated with a conscious humanity, guides me in my performances.