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(photographic corpus - selection)

he wild Gaspé Peninsula, bordered by the sea, flooded with sunsets, beautiful as desire is essentially only colours. The attention puts them in scene, they hide behind a perceptible veil.

It was while looking at these colorful display cases that I realized that we could see, both inside and out, because of the objects reflected by the surface of the glass. Sometimes, due to a phenomenon of optical physics, glass allows the splitting of reflection or, alternatively, projects a kaleidoscope, creating an offset ghost image. A latent memory awaits.

Then one day, I saw or discovered myself, literally and figuratively. Childish memories, in the etymological sense, gradually appear, printed on these super-8 films. Thus, I see again in front of these windows these little films of my childhood. The image is lost in another, then again in another and in time. The artist’s consciousness manifests itself in an invisible but inevitably emotional way.
The "content" now directly reflects the "subject" as a perceptive presence.

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autoportrait (d'après l'oeuvre ''Fleurs de mer'' (2016) de Gil Pître)
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