There is a kind of buffer space between the outside and inside of a building : it is the thickness of the glass that interferes between the two, the inner world and the outer world. It is very thin and depending on whether you are on the inside, the look is misled because of the reflections of the ambient lighting or, if you are outside, a mirage of light on the glass reflects the look on something that is in another direction. One can see inside and outside at the same time. It is as if he was invested with a gift of ubiquity.
Considering the call for projects for the experimental showcase of the Centre d’artistes Vaste et Vague de Carleton-sur-Mer, the metamorphosis occurred in my mind : a showcase is also a window. Moreover, it is backlit : it pushes the light through a work that is there, projecting it outside. I had to find an outside stage and install it inside the window. A few hundred metres to the east, I photographed a horizon that framed the Centre, which represents one of these new landscapes created by humans. (It is taken from a work in progress on an initiatory journey). I was attracted by the road signs in front of the bay. Like the driver who arrives at this crossroads and invites him to move to the right or left, the panel on my photograph instructs the observer to take lateral steps to consider the resulting changes in the reflections and, hence, on the photographic work.
La vitrine expérimentale poursuivra le travail, au gré de l’heure et de la lumière ambiante. Ma photographie s’animera sans mon concours, tout au long de l’année, soulignant activement l’inspiration que le Centre d’artistes peut amener.