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Le Tortillard de Gaspé

Le Tortillard de Gaspé

Sometimes men and women accumulate error after error, repair after repair. Virtue that expresses its nobility only in a state of useless and avoidable misery seems to be the goal. It so happens that they think that it is necessary for the peoples of globalization, without the slightest doubt, to rely on big industry and wholesale trade.

No matter what. We are feverishly rebuilding a rail link between Matapedia and Gaspé, but who knows ? It may be that this service will no longer have anything to transport : no cement, iron, oil, supplies, passengers either.

We find ourselves in the situation where fishermen eager to leave the harbor are equipped with the most modern trawlers which, when the time comes to stretch the fishing gear, find themselves on a bottom empty of fishing resources. As if the essential goal was to be well equipped, and not to be well informed. These are only improved means to an end never renewed.

In this process around the TORTILLARD DE GASPÉ, rather than letting myself be taken over by the railroad, I chose instead to take the train in order to make it a project of creation. Photographing the visual reminiscence of an infrastructure, a time in disarray, sculpting the atmosphere, is the path I take to chase the devil that still prowls around the Gaspé Peninsula.