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On the road

On the road
(Excerpt from an ongoing project that focuses on intimacy, distance and tensions between animals and humans).

Let’s imagine a motorized vehicle moving along a road : road network, forest road, ATV trail, snowmobile trail, overhead power line, rail transport. It crosses a territory surrounded by natural areas that melt rapidly. An animal comes and goes, freely. He believes himself, as he has always been, free to go where his instincts lead him. The animal is wary of nothing, impossible to see the unpredictable machine coming. His head is tilted to keep his snout close to the ground. It happens very quickly. And it’s over. Death has arrived. Maybe he just wanted to die. Because he was hungry... Because he was panic-stricken... Or because he understands that all roads only serve to settle him down. In isolation and solitude.

As soon as we depend entirely on this well-calibrated survival machine that is the earth, relying itself on its bio-diversity to function well, as soon as the natural environment is everywhere impacted by humans, and as soon as we have begun to experience the worst for ourselves, perhaps we have understood that we are in the process of doing like this animal...

Of course, each in their own way, both animals and humans cross at intersections where the cold hand of fate falls on them. The forest, their home, whispers. The plants, their sisters, whisper. What are they talking about ? About us.

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