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Photographic movements

Photographic movements

These images are born in eyelid movements on random paths in my life. They reveal themselves to the consciousness of the present, capturing inspirations, experiences or memories as they pass.

It is also the time when we know that there is something in these places, before words and before language. It’s a conversation in another dimension. The way two friends discuss is like mutual knowledge based on so many shared experiences. Verbalization becomes almost useless. It is the magic of photography, this kind of quiet calm of the moment.

With the freedom that this art of photography offers me, they reveal an almost controlled path that lifts the veil on an intimacy that is mine. Perhaps they are letting things get away from them, such as, for example, an encounter with aesthetics.

Retour de la ferme
Tableau cubiste
Hors de vue
Perception #13
sans titre no.11
L'annonciation (Dieric Bouts)
Cols bleus
Sculpture no. 1
sans titre no.17
sans titre no. 19
Le bucheron
Perception #7