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The salt marsh on the seaside is a unique environment. Because of the meeting of land and water, this marsh is home to many plants and animals that, in some cases, are found nowhere else.
Because they are very nutrient-rich, many birds stop there to feed. This is especially true for spring and fall migrations. A veritable nursery, this wetland is home to many kinds of small fish and shellfish that are born there in the salt water puddles of the marsh or on the edge of the baie des Chaleurs. It is because this water is so rich in food that fish come here to lay eggs. In summer, the marsh gorges itself of water, leaving the passage at each rising tide.
Erosion does not occur with the runoff of the river that comes to die there, nor with the oceanic leaching that can be observed four times a day. There is not much movements, observable by the eye, at the root level, where the sand is trapped, immutable.
Then, the ground freezes when the good season comes, allowing the activation of some walkers of the animal kingdom (humans included) and inviting the tickling sun to bring out the theatre of many productions. It is at this time of year that shadows, puppets and lost footsteps reappear, sometimes stealthily.
What has to be seen in this portfolio is not landscapes. On the contrary, there are only a few twigs, some small pieces of dead wood and shadows. But the marsh shows here and there traces : it is then that a concern, a state, an atmosphere, a feeling is born. The marsh is both wild nature, not domesticated by humans, and a garden of observations, photographs of this place composed and retouched to become sublime and reassuring.
As a mere observer who has not paid his fees, I walk in balance on the tip of my felted boots.