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The periscope

The periscope is a landscape made from one of the countless food packaging products found on the Baie des Chaleurs coast, before they set out to sea.

This pakaging, brought back to my studio in extremis, emerges in a photographic montage, creating an incongruous underwater environment. An imaginary on the real. The packaging gradually dissolves in it, hidden from the human eye.

Quoting Paul Valéry, "a work of art can teach us that we had not seen what we saw". In other words, it teaches us to see reality with new eyes, to become aware of certain things through it. Similar to the traditional periscope of salmon fishermen, a kind of small window that plunges into river pools. It offers an underwater view that becomes a screen that activates the perception of an otherwise invisible phenomenon.

The periscope could be the precursor of our sleepwalking societies approaching this troubled boulevard, which is the main cause of the world’s anxieties. It acts as a revealer of a doubt about our understanding of what our earthly bonds are.

LE PÉRISCOPE ©Albert Picard