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The Birds (after Hitchcock)

The Birds - (after Hitchcock)

A father and his child feel threatened by a colony of seabirds who just want to rest on a sandbank. The scene is a critical metaphor for human relationships with nature.

In this scene, the arrival of a father and his child does not please a colony of seabirds who have found a place to rest. Frightened by the approach of humans, they start swirling in the sky, getting closer and closer, foreshadowing the worst. The two characters bend over or collapse to the ground to protect themselves from a situation that seems desperate to them.

This staging takes the form of a reflexion on humanity and its relationships with nature, of which it is only one component : how to live together ? Knowing that there are always negative impacts that emerge from the existence of humans and birds, can we objectively reflect on the evolution of ecosystems and environmental health ?

Les oiseaux (d'après Hitchcock)