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The paddlebord lesson

The paddleboard lesson

There is a beach at Taylor Point Park in New Richmond, Gaspé. In the summer, it is a very popular spot, because the shallow water warms up and, moreover, it overlooks the Baie des Chaleurs, offering an exceptional maritime landscape. Outdoor enthusiasts : paddle boarding, swimming, etc., gather there all summer.

This place provokes visions, like this scene, a priori invisible, unknown in a way. It must have taken place far in front of me, in the open sea, in the bay which, at low tide, seems to stretch out and get lost in the distance. Perhaps there were about five children in the shallow water, clustered around an adult who was presumably floating on the surface of the water, unable to describe exactly what was going on. Perhaps they were attending a paddleboard lesson...

But, in front of my eyes, lying on the ground, nothing like that. Only objects, arbitrarily named towel, beach bag and sandals, water bottle.

However, their appearance in the mind, in an almost psychotic way, creates a structure that determines how the environment presents itself to my eyes. My interest in these unspoken things reveals a process that I could describe as a psycho-analysis of the unknown mysteries of my own existence.